2019 Scholarship Applications Open


We are thrilled to once again offer scholarships for music and sport to students in Croatia! The project aims to support youth and children committed to excellence in sports and music who need additional support to develop their abilities and interests to the highest level possible. The scholarships are to be used for the exclusive purpose of further developing their potential and are awarded to the selected candidates based on the specified criteria, which gives preference to candidates with exceptional results coming from socio-economically disadvantaged families.

Applications for the 2019 scholarship period are now open to students in Croatia who meet the listed requirements.

Tekst natječaja – Glazbene stipendije

Obrazac za prijavu – Glazbene stipendije

Tekst natječaja – Sportske stipendije

Obrazac za prijavu – Sportske stipendije

Tekst natječaja – Donacija škole

Obrazac za prijavu – Donacija školi


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