Fifth Generation of Scholarships Awarded

Over the past few years, we have met 77 scholarship recipients, numerous athletes and musicians who work tirelessly to make their dreams come true, and the time has come for the fifth generation of scholarship winners – 25 of them!- to join this talented community!

They are the future flag bearers of the Olympic Games, musical virtuosos, European and world champions, but above all they are great young people who can be an example to everyone with their work, dedication and effort- that’s why they are scholarship recipients of the Marin Čilić Foundation. This year’s 25 recipients, selected from a record number of applications,  were honored at a ceremony in the beautiful Emerald Hall of the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb.

Sports scholarships were awarded to Borna Petek from Zagreb (table tennis), Ema Sobol from Delnice (cross-country skiing and biathlon), Iva Rokvić from Pula (sailing), Lucijana Lukšić from Split (swimming), Luka Čarapović from Osijek (swimming), Marko Sredić from Zagreb (rowing), Matea Svečnjak from Strmec near Samobor (judo), Nikolina Mesić from Zagreb (taekwondo), Petra Goleš from Split (taekwondo) and Roko Bengeriu from Šemovac near Varaždin (kayak and canoe slalom on wild waters), Roko Brantuši from Zagreb (taekwondo), Veronika Vilk from Slatina (wrestling) and Vigo Lašič from Zagreb (fencing).

Music scholarships were awarded to Antea Glavaš from Požega (flute), Antonio Sabol from Bjelovar (trombone and euphonium), Damjan Cerić from Zagreb (piano), Đive Ćatić from Dubrovnik (cello), Elizabeth Aria Cone from Bjelovar (horn), Lucia Kaplowitz from Donja Bistra (violin), Luka Bujdi from Opatija (accordion), Niko Božek from Prelog (tuba), Paula Ćatić from Dubrovnik (violin), Paula Novosel from Zagreb (violin), Petar Đuli Vrbanić from Zagreb (cello) and Petra Juriša from Zagreb (accordion).

To date 102 scholarships have been awarded, 6 school laboratories have been renovated, and 4 school multifunctional playgrounds have been built as part of the Gem Set Croatia project. In addition to all of the above, with the fifth generation of scholarship holders, the total amount of scholarships awarded has exceeded HRK 1 million.

Along with numerous generous donors from all over the world, the Marin Čilić Foundation was joined by Zagrebačka banka, which will educate the scholarship winners about financial management and the Always brand, which aims to help girls from all over Croatia follow their dreams and realize their full potential.


ATP Tour title #20 for Marin in St. Petersburg

Marin takes the title in Stuttgart