Scholarships of the Marin Čilić Foundation

The Marin Čilić Foundation has created a scholarship program to provide support to young people who work tirelessly to achieve their dream, but encounter numerous obstacles along the way that prevent them from reaching their goal.

The core idea is that all young people have potential and we have made it our purpose to provide these young people with opportunities for them to reach that potential, explore their passions, and achieve their goals.

We have been successfully implementing the program for the past four years, and award scholarships in two categories: sports, for Olympic sport athletes and members of the national team, who are high school students; and music, for classical musicians, winners of international and national awards, and elementary and high school students

Through this scholarship we want to be a source of support & encouragement for its recipients during this key period of their development.


We want to make sure that no girl loses self-confidence because of her gender or her period. #SlijediSvojeSnove campaign is a local action which has been organized by Always brand, in collaboration with Marin Cilic foundation, with the goal of helping Croatian girls following their dreams so they can become whoever they want. As this is Always mission – to help young girls feel confident.”

All young athletes and musicians are invited to follow us on social media and our website as we will announce a new round of scholarships, launching September 5th.

The candidates (young classical musicians) eligible to apply:

  • – Croatian citizens with residence in Croatia
  • – Regular students of a elementary / high school of music
  • – Students who have won First Prize on at least one national and/or international competition
  • – Students who don’t receive more than 8,000.00 HRK per year from another scholarship

The candidates (athletes with exceptional results) eligible to apply:

  • – Athletes attending high school
  • – Croatian citizens
  • – Members of the national team in their age group in Olympic sports
  • – Athletes who don’t receive more than 8,000.00 HRK per year from another scholarship


ATP Tour title #20 for Marin in St. Petersburg

Marin takes the title in Stuttgart