Vukovar Tennis Camp 2021

The sixth tennis camp for children in Vukovar was once again organized this year by Tennis Club Vukovar and our Foundation. This year a record number of children, 110 in total, ages 6 to 16 participated in the camp, which was free for youth from Vukovar. Over the 5 days the tennis courts in Vukovar were filled with children’s smiles, friendly company and sports cheerfulness. This is the sixth consecutive year of this free camp and the fourth consecutive year the Marin Cilic Foundation has been the primary sponsor of the event.

Thanks to the experienced local tennis coaches from Vukovar Tennis Club, returning camp attendees continued to improve their tennis skills, while some newcomers were introduced to a tennis racket for the first time, and learned the basics of serving, forehands, and backhands.

This year’s camp was held in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year and we hope returned to the classroom with positive mindsets and the teamwork and engaging in regular physical activity.


ATP Tour title #20 for Marin in St. Petersburg

Marin takes the title in Stuttgart