2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients

In 2019 we saw our scholarship program grow immensely with 11 scholarships awarded to talented young primary school and secondary school musicians, 11 to young athletes in secondary school, and 1 secondary school laboratory donation. The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb served as the perfect backdrop for our scholarship ceremony. One of our recipients, Tia Pikija, delighted guests by performing a rendition of Puccini’s “O mio babbino caro”. We look forward to following our newest scholars along their journey toward reaching their sky! Scholarships can be used for furthering one’s skills through seminars, contests, purchase of musical aids or sports equipment or any other cost related to students’ musical or sport development.


2019/2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Athletic scholarships were awarded to Matej Rebić (wrestling), Anton Milanović (Track&Field), Laura Lisac (karate), Antonela Orkić (kajak), Helena Dujmić (taekwondo), Hana Arapović (table tennis), Zrinka Ljutić (alpine skiing), Bruno Živković (swimming), Petar Perušić (cross-country skiing), Matija Trstenjak (cycling),  Mateja Butorac (synchronized swimming ). Music scholarships were awarded to Vanesa Brajuha (accordion), Tomislav Tomašević (truba), Bartul Bucar (trombon), Hana Gubić (cello), Lovro Pavić (clarinet) Niko Božek (tuba), Fran Leko (piano), Bela Cvanciger (saxophone), Josip Matanović (tamburica), Leonardo Rojnić (accordion), Tija Pikija (opera singing).

The recipient of the 50,000 kuna stipend for laboratory renovations is Isidora Kršnjavoga High School from Našice.


ATP Tour title #20 for Marin in St. Petersburg

Marin takes the title in Stuttgart