2020/2021 Scholarship Recipients

For the third consecutive year we are proud to award scholarships to promising young athletes and classical musicians. Due to the global health crisis, this year’s award ceremony took place later than anticipated in a large sports auditorium to allow for compliance with all health regulations. 

The scholarship project started three years ago with the goal of providing support to promising young athletes & musicians whose circumstances make it difficult for them to continue pursuing their dreams. 

Our founder Marin Cilic personally presented the 21 scholarships, each worth 10,000HRK. 

Scholarship recipients for classical music:

Zara Paparić (mandolin), Leonardo Rojnić (accordion), Paula Ćurić (guitar), Margareta Jakobović (flute & piano), Veronika Kantarević (truba), Stjepan Magdić (accordion), Bruno Bilić (saxophone), Lovro Ivić (music theory), Stjepan Gerić (piano) and Hana Rabadan (cello).


Scholarship recipients for individual sports:

Petra Marendić (sailing), Reina Rimbaldo (rowing), Ivan Omažić (cycling), Nika Jagečić (cross-country skiing), Anja Santini Mikulić (sport climbing), Iva Hrsto (swimming), Aleksandar Kalabić (karate), Melani Bosić (track & field), Šime Jadrijev (track & field), Sara Šulekić (artistic gymnastics) and Tamara Artić (rhythmic gymnastics).


ATP Tour title #20 for Marin in St. Petersburg

Marin takes the title in Stuttgart